Steelhorse Boutique is all about the ladies of the biker community and the ladies of the rodeo circuits. We simply wanted more option for the ladies of these worlds. The idea that our clothing and accessories should be as unique as the women who wear them. They should be stylish, versatile, comfortable to wear riding, and most of all affordable. We strive to bring you apparel and accessories flattering both on and off your ride! We are not your average brick and mortar boutique, instead we are a traveling Boutique. We operate at various shows and events throughout the state of Texas and will announce where we will be at on most occasions. Otherwise we are found right here online! Or out there enjoying our own rides just as our customers do on those warm sunny days here in the Hill Country! 

So who is behind Steelhorse Boutique?  Steelhorse of course got her name from a favorite Bon Jovi song, but she is a beautiful beast managed by husband and wife co-owners and just like many of the people we serve, we ride. Veteran Owned and Operated! Retiring after 26 years of United States Amry, riding our own and enjoying the scenery, living life, checking out many vendor tents at Rallies, Event, Fairs and so on, time and time again, being disappointed with selections, the idea of Steelhorse Boutique was born. We saw something that was missing and well here she is. Hope our customers enjoy!